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Unique Houses was born from the dream of explaining the history of Barcelona through its houses and their protagonists.

By means of guided tours, we will see what society was like, how they lived, what the owners of these houses did, who built them, what these houses represent in the urban context of the city… Using the small tales of these houses we will fit together the history of a momentous period and one of great transformation for the country.

The story begins at the time of the French Revolution and is characterised by the social change of the rural world into an urban and industrial world, along with the social disruptions that this change generated and which tell us where we come from so that we can project ourselves towards the future.

Our desire is to bring the public closer to a heritage which is mainly in private hands and difficult to access, so that they can visit and enjoy it by participating in our guided tours, listening to a music concert or attending a conference, amongst other activities… different ways of experiencing heritage and feeling that the visitor is also one of the house’s protagonists.

We invite you to get to know the Casas Singulares,
we invite you to go on a historical journey that will surprise you.

Laura Pastor Durán – Isabel Vallès Audouard

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